• Name Doss Daly

  • Subject End to End with Pip

  • Message Listen mate, even if my knees were not shot to pieces i dont think I could manage what youre taking on. Immense admiration for you, so what i'm going to do is at the end of every day when you hit the boozer I will have a few refreshments aswell and just pretend i did it with you! Sorry mate thats the best I can do. May your daily jaunts be swift and trouble free and may your glass be swiftly emptied! Best Regards Doss



  • Name John Sibley

  • 34 Years Ago

  • Hi Pip, You probably won't remember me but I was in 01 Platoon in Apr 1982. Terry Barrell was the Plt Sgt and Terry Sinclair was my section Cpl, you, Dave Lawrence and Bronco Philsal were the other section Cpls (there might have been others but its a long time ago now). I read the article in March's Cfn Mag about your tremendous walk, what an achievement. The pictures of you show that you haven't aged that much in 34 years but you always did have a baby face, although none of us dared say that during training. I was very sad to hear about Terry and gutted that I hadn't been able to attend the funeral as we live locally to Reading. He was a fantastic Plt Cpl who took the time to ensure that all his troops were trained to the highest degree. I owe him a great deal as he set me on the way to a 34 year career. I finally leave the Corps in June this year having had the most enjoyable and fulfilling career as a Recovery Mechanic and subsequently as an late entry officer. Throughout my career I have always strived to ensure that my values and standards were of the highest order and beyond reproach, that I worked hard for the team and that I looked after my men. This was in no small part down to Terry, you and the other Plt staff and as I approach retirement I would just like to say thanks for ensuring that we all had the right start to our careers Fondest Regards John Sibley (Maj, Retiring)

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